Rugby – The Most Popular Sport in Australia

The famous rugby league in Australia is not only one of the biggest events in the Australia, but it is also one of the greatest rugby events in the world. It first took place in the 1908 and since then it has been a great journey. Reports suggest that it is one of the highest watched sports on Australian Television. The biggest competition is obviously the National Rugby League and it has a huge fan base all over the Australia. This tournament includes ten teams from New South Wales, Three teams of Queensland and a team from Victoria, New Zealand, and Australian Capital Territory.

Rugby League and Its History

The famous rugby league in Australia has a history that dates back to 1908 when the nation started playing the game alongside New Zealand and Britain. Australia over the years have strengthened its team and infrastructure and it has helped them dominate the other teams in the world. The governing body has done a great job in spreading the sport all over the country and this has been possible due to the rugby leagues played in Australia.

Governing Body

The Australian Rugby League Commission is the behind the famous rugby league in Australia. It conducts all the rugby leagues in the Australian territory. The governing body plays a vital role in the progress of the sport. It takes care of the leagues and tries to spread the game all over the Australia.

The Australian Rugby League Commission has dispersed the authority in different state level governing bodies. These governing bodies like New South Wales Rugby League, Queensland Rugby League are part of it.

Major Competitions

National Rugby League or NRL is no doubt the most famous rugby league in Australia. All the participating teams also play a youth championship and it is an under-20 competition where young players show their skills.
There are other leagues also and these semi-professional leagues like Queensland Cup, NSWRL Jim Beam Cup, and South Wales Cup. These Leagues also play a big role in holding the popularity of the rugby in Australia. These leagues also produce the teams for NRL and many fans follow these leagues to track the progress of their favorite teams.


The popularity of the Rugby in Australia has been always there, but in the last few decades, it is reaching the highest. The main reason behind this is the legacy that this game carries. The vast historical background gives the sport a good push. The famous rugby league in Australia has become more famous over the years and the biggest prove is the crowd fall in the ground and high TV ratings.


It is quite evident from the current scenario that the National Australian Rugby Team is going to be among the top rugby playing nations in the coming years. The present situation also suggests the rising popularity of the famous rugby league in Australia will be there in the future. People will watch and throw their bets in land based or online casino. In simple words- The Future is Prosperous for Rugby in Australia.

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