Northern Territory – The Biggest Fan Base of Rugby in the Australia

The Northern Territory Rugby League or NTRL controls three tournaments and these are Darwin Rugby League, Central Australian Rugby Football League, and Darwin Junior League.

Rugby has always been a favorite sport in the Australia. Rugby has a great traditional history in Australia and NTRL also is a part of it. The first league competition was played in the Darwin in 1941. It took place during the World War II and was suspended because of the Japanese attack.
It took almost 10 years to get back. The Northern Territory Rugby League association was formed in 1950 and the first game was played in 1951. Since then rugby in northern territory has gradually increased its popularity and the three leagues get serious attention of the media.

Encouraging Players and Spectators

Rugby in northern territory has been more than organizing the professional leagues. It includes Central Australia Rugby Football League that is a purely non-profitable venture. This league is organized to increase the popularity of rugby in Alice Springs and it’s nearby locations. The league has been quite a success in encouraging new talents. It has been there since 1963. This nonprofitable league has been a supporting pillar for the Northern Territory Rugby League that helps the territory to produce quality players. There are four clubs in this league- United Magpies, Wests Dragons, Viking RLFC, Central Memorial Bulls. These four clubs have also been quite enthusiastic about rugby and they produce quality infrastructure for the players to encourage them in this sport.

Katherine Junior Rugby League

This is a rugby league for the juniors and it is based in Katherine town. Three teams take part in this. The league has quite a few followers as it involves junior players. These junior players are keenly watched and many professionals try to spot talents through this league.

Darwin Rugby League

It is one of the most popular rugby leagues in Australia. This has been governed by the Northern Territory Rugby League since 1950. The league had some issues in 2010 and Australian Rugby League authority has to intervene, but now the situation is over. The league has seen the birth of quite a few rugby stars and it has been often referred as the Northern Territory Rugby League. The teams here have quite a lot of followers and these fans are very much passionate about the sport. The competition in this league is quite tough. All the teams are almost equally balanced and often the matches are very close. This competitive atmosphere has been the main USP of this league.

Rugby in Northern Territory- A Huge Fan Base for The Sport

Thanks to Northern Territory Rugby League, people here are very much enthusiastic about the sport. Apart from those three rugby leagues, there are many other junior leagues being played. This is to create a better atmosphere for the sport. The Northern Territory Rugby League has been the driving force in the enhancement of the game. It has created a big fan base for the sport. These fans are very passionate and they not only watch the games, but they also bet their money through land casinos and online casinos. The love for the rugby is quite high here.

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